My So-Called Fashion…

I suppose I would be remiss if my first post wasn’t one that poked fun at my own fashion faux pas, of which I definitely have had throughout my lifetime. However, I’m also one not to leave evidence, as it were, so we’ll be taking a look back, way back. Really though, these were the only pictures I could find, and they don’t necessarily do justice to questionable fashion choices I’ve made in the past. I can remember a particular choice outfit I wore for a high school senior year play/presentation/excuse to get out of class. I’m pretty sure I layered everything I could think of that would mimic “Beverly Hills, 90210” and topped the outfit off with these truly awful silver and plastic platform Mary Jane’s. I was a sight. And, don’t even get me started on the pair of mustard yellow Guess jeans my sister and I used to fight over. Ugh.


What’s missing here is the matching shorts. And, let’s be honest. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this sort of pattern at various pin-up style clothing sites. Also, I was in the third grade, and this picture is sort of cute.

Erin Blog 5a.jpg

Remember that time I wore a curtain? Or was it a tablecloth? Yeah, I try not to remember either.


Fun fact: these aren’t pajamas. What’s not quite so evident is the matching pants below the purposefully ill-fitting button-down top and a weird lace-brocade pattern. Also, I had a few more outfits like this. Apparently I really liked coordinating separates designed for the Golden Girls. Or pajamas.


That’s me on the far right. And ok, so maybe on the surface, this outfit isn’t that bad. I remember those pants. I actually went to an Army surplus store or some such and bought uniform pants. That was a thing. And, they never fit right. But I continued to wear them because they were “trendy.” That’s basically fashion in a nutshell, right?


Those are mom jeans. And, that’s my mom. Neither are related, but I loved both. (And I of course still love my mom.)


Clearly I didn’t understand the concept of bra silhouettes. Oh, and the top was textured. It could practically put an eye out.


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